Reliance Aviation

Miami Executive Airport (KTMB)
Modernist themed Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

New, 1-level approximately 9,600 sq.ft. aviation terminal Type II-B Construction with Assembly Group A-2 (Waiting areas in transportation terminal) occupancy.

The Owner’s program consists of an approximately 9,600 sq.ft. commercial addition to the existing terminal building. The addition will be styled according to Modernist standards, and designed to minimize impact on-going operations.

Modifications to the existing building will include all exterior modifications needed to accommodate the addition, and minor configuration changes to the interior. The essential goals and elements of the interior improvements would be:

– Separate guest and “private office” areas.

– All-new ADA-Compliant baths and dressing rooms.

– All-new ADA-Compliant waiting areas, removing the separation between the new terminal and existing space.

– Renovated ceilings.

– Renovated Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical required to accommodate the Terminal Addition.

Project Team

  • William H. Arthur IV, AIA, NCARB

  • Yailyn O. Barrera

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