790 NE 77th Terrace, Belle Meade

Miami, Florida
Florida Modern

This Large and Modern residence utilizes cantilevered brows, stone and cumaru wood accents to reduce its scale. Situated on a corner lot, the project incorporates a tremendous amount of landscape to contrast the infill waterfront properties across the street that employed textured concrete and stone.

Luminaries were designed so the light sources would be concealed from the public right-of-way. Because Federal regulations for the project required the first inhabitable level be six feet above the sidewalk, the landscape was elevated. Stairs were reduced to minimum sizes and broken into a repeating pattern of monoliths, then pressed into the ground cover as if the steps had emerged naturally.  The construction budget was determined by the Builder, and project being developed as a speculation home.

Project Team

  • Yailyn O. Barrera
    Architect, Design

  • Angela A. Anzola
    Construction Administration

  • Wm. H. Arthur IV, AIA, NCARB
    Supervising Architect

  • Christopher Muchow
    Construction Documents

  • Heather J. Johnson

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