Louvered Wall House, Coconut Grove

Louvered Wall House, Coconut Grove

The Louvered Wall House, Coconut Grove

W I L L I A M   H A M I L T O N   A R T H U R   A R C H I T E C T ,  I N C .

This Single-Family Louvered Residence designed along Tigertail Ave and SW 17th Ave makes use of a large privacy wall.

Designed for a young family, this 3,980 square-foot Miami modern residence builds upon passive strategies for both cooling and privacy. The concept of the Miami Modern Home became the privacy louvers that span 12′ high between 30′ wide concrete opening. Each louver would be built individually, fit and aligned within the opening, allowing the family to have varying levels of privacy, depending on their preferences and time of day.  The free-floating concrete balcony beyond the louvers form a semi-enclosure over the entrance, taking advantage of the NCD-3 design bonus for front setbacks but also isolating the primary structure from the sun’s heat.

The initial design strategy for the Louvered House came about during initial conversations with the couple. With a strong preference for Miami Modern Architecture, the was attracted towards several prominent mid-century architects including Paul Rudolph and Igor B. Polevitzky.

The 3,980SF Louvered House sits under a flat-plant concrete roof, forming a shaded brow completely enveloping the exterior walls below, and isolating them from the sun’s rays. Exterior eaves are about 24′ in elevation, and on the South cantilever more than 6ft. On the north elevation, this brow extends only as far as necessary for shading– about 18-inches. By reducing the amount of solar heat collected and acting as a thermal-isolator, the brow also works injunction with heavy interior insulation, forming what is known in the industry as a super-insulator with a resistance (R) value of more than 60.  This reduces the loads imposed on air-conditioning systems for the Louvered House by about half.

Because the energy needed to cool the Louvered House was greatly reduced, the Louvered House was permitted much larger window openings than typically found using today’s prescriptive energy code method. The Parasol House employs the use of the latest insulated glass panel technology and are constructed using a special silicone glazing process. Two panes of this special glass are separated by Krypton or Xenon gas to further reduce heat transfer.

“The construction of the Louvered house was about 70% of what we’d expect for similarly-sized Modern Homes the primary frame is constructed with two continuous concrete slabs, greatly reducing formwork labor and construction waste.”

2717 SW 17th Avenue
Coconut Grove, Florida 33133-2524

Size: 3,980 sq ft (does not include covered balconies, loggias and terraces).

Builder: Hoffman Billskog Construction (305) 856-8828


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