Joe and the Juice, Miami Beach

Joe and the Juice, Miami Beach

Joe and the Juice— 2 Miami Locations



“Founded in 2002 by Kaspar Basse, a former professional karate champion from Denmark, the company is establishing itself as the go-to place for health-conscious people who like their fresh-pressed juice served with a side of edgy.”[1]

The spirited juice and coffee bar with its lively atmosphere and casted employees has just recently made its way into some of North America’s most renowned cities including New York City, Los Angeles, and last but not least- Miami. Ordering a juice at one of these metropolitan locations is an unprecedented and unique experience; from the excitement of the baristas to the experimental menu, the customer is always in for a surprise. The prized differentiating factor of the shop is the experience of interaction. Customers are involved in a demonstration of energy as juices of seasonal recipes are poured in all sorts of alluring positions.

“This juice shop isn’t like the rest. Sure, it whips up a variety of sweet and tangy blends, along with smoothies, coffee, and light bites. But each pour and serve calls for a flashy performance, where juicers balance cups on their heads or heavily tattooed biceps toss utensils in the air for a dramatic effect. Sometimes the juicers might even jump on top of the bar for an encore.”[2]

Family ties within the team and social relations with customers exemplify other distinguishing factors to the moral quality of the shop. Prospective employees partake in an intensive and organized recruitment process called “casting”. “Potential hires partake in various social, personal, and physical tests ranging from how fast they can operate a juicer to how well they can chitchat. Does their dialogue sound natural? Can they easily follow a strawberry banana smoothie recipe? Are they charming?”[3] These baristas are then put on stage to shine and motivate the customer base as they create concoctions behind the bar. It was our responsibility to highlight this interaction in such a way that brands this authenticity and frames the barista-consumer experience in a new and intriguing way.





Our collaboration with Joe and the Juice led to an understanding of a quality product, but more importantly, a memorable experience. This integral experience became the main driving factor for the design decisions. When architectural design and fruit centrifuging are seen in the same light, the two appear to be on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. These two features have been linked through the memory of an experience and as a solution to the setting through an emphasis on contrast. From the proudly exposed HVAC systems to the free tattoo events, the whole grunge aesthetic is carefully sweetened by a swatch of soft pink. It is a reminder that contrast re-energizes the space and the product. With these ideas integrated in both of our South Florida locations, we worked closely with Joe and the Juice team overseas to bring the project into realization, showcasing the balanced atmosphere of the proposal and the spatial benefits of a contrasted space in terms of hierarchy, program and color pallette.

Joe and the Juice takes pride in recruiting a diverse team of employees as well as a local architect for the design. With the invitation to design two Miami locations, we challenged our design to fuse together a set of stores that would entice and intrigue. 2000 Collins is located a block from South Beach to the east, placed on a corner lot between 20th and 21st Avenues. The design kickstarted with the idea of an open and visible storefront to gain enticement as the stage is set for juice presentation. The design features large windows lining the perimeter of the historic South Beach streamline moderne architectural site. The location offers a breezy and bright setting with an assortment of exterior seating to bridge the gap between interior and exterior space as well as allow for a cooler way to experience the South Florida heat- with juice in hand.

The space is an expansive unit that has been converted from previous retail shops to accommodate food systems. The shop can be entered on either the North corner of the Parc Place building, originally designed by Zyscovich Architects (another local Miami firm) or along the East sidewalk. Both of these paths flow into a mixture of naturally and low lit space with black accents and signature Denmark furniture.

“It is the ambience and the emotional factors that differentiate them,” he says. “Obviously, the products are healthy, but the freshness and the vibe combined makes it unique.”[1]

The ambiance of the shop is enhanced through intimacy and set with a variety of lighting features in differing heights above comfortable seating areas around the shop. The decor is of an industrialized lounge type, with exposed building systems and structural components, softened by the warm decadence of the artwork and wallpaper.



The new expansion in Aventura mall led Joe and the Juice the opportunity to design in this prime location as the first store to initiate the itinerary through the mall. With the proximity of the outdoors, natural light pours onto the surface of transition from exterior to interior. The storefront welcomes the soft refractions of light to be felt while drinking coffee in a cozy and modern environment. The presence of that natural glow is contrasted with the dark boldness of interior finishes and surfaces. Building systems are left exposed to create a grungy feel that is contrasted with the lively energy of interaction. As one enters the space through the placement of symmetrical and exaggerated glass storefront doors, one is greeted by the warm and familiar welcome of fresh native plants and hip decor. Ample, cozy sofas and seating line the right side of the shop while the sleek bar acts as an extended of perspective of the viewer, drawing the customer to the point of sale nearest the back of house dividing wall.

Both of these shops are carefully designed to integrate a local feel to a foreign brand. The designs allow for memorable interactions while speaking to the positive aspects of globalization. The hope is to create bonds in different places, two of them being closer to home- now in the heart of two major intersections of cultures and peoples.


Adriana M. Contarino, Lead Designer, Coordinator and Construction Manager.

Wm. H. Arthur IV, Supervising Architect

Valdemar Halbye, Head of US Retail.

Mathias Nielsen, Supply Chain & Capex Director
Oestergade 26, 3.
1100 Copenhagen K
M: +45 60432514

UCI Engineering, Inc.
4247 SW 71st Ave
Miami, Florida 33155



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