Grove Seven, 2915 Center Street, Coconut Grove

Grove Seven, 2915 Center Street, Coconut Grove

Enjoy Vertical Courtyard Living inside “Grove Seven,”
family-sized dwellings set within
three-level interior gardens.

Designed as a speculation town home on one of Coconut Grove’s most walkable locations. Within several minutes to grocers, shops and restaurants, this Coconut Grove town home benefits from being located on an infill lot allowing full-sized families to live in a walk-able community.

The design of “Grove Seven” is the result of many case studies in important and historic homes, including the Barnacle, the “Woodsong Residence” by Alfred Browning Parker, and the Hiss Residence (Umbrella House) located in Sarasota, Florida. The Hiss Residence was designed by prominent mid-century architect Paul Rudolph in 1953. One of Rudolph’s earliest and most successful works, the Umbrella House had became one of the major icons of mid-century residential architecture.

To be built using the best techniques of local skilled labor and passive energy design, “Grove Seven” will feature prominent outdoor terraces, locally-sourced wood louvers and raised pergolas. The hovering nature of the building itself creates an open first floor under-story, with 90% of it’s ground surfaces shaded from the sun’s rays.

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“Families needing 3-4 bedrooms should not have to pay $6.2M for a beautiful unit in the Grove”.

Located near Miami’s best schools and communities, “Grove Seven” also provides floor-to-ceiling views of the tree line and a Vine Grove, creating a sense of ambiguity between the living space and exterior.

Grove Seven features a large, rooftop pergola, or “canopy” that acts to shade the building by enveloping as much roof area as allowed by Miami21. This makes a more livable structure, isolating it from the sun’s rays just as a natural canopy would. By reducing the amount of solar heat collected and acting as a thermal-isolator, the canopy also reduces water-carrying capacity (ability to hold excessive moisture) of the air inside the living space; further reducing cooling loads imposed on air-conditioning.


There are no fixed partitions separating the tree canopy from the inhabited spaces. The position of the inhabitants is at tree canopy height. The building itself also acts as a canopy-member, shading the parking and site areas below but allowing air and light filter to the under-story. Atop Grove Seven is the expansive pergola, further shading the building, and further reducing heat gain.

Because the energy needed to cool “Grove Seven” is greatly reduced, the building is permitted much larger window openings than typically found using today’s prescriptive energy code method. Grove Seven employs the use of the latest insulated glass panel technology and are constructed using a special silicone glazing process. Two panes of this special glass are separated by Krypton or Xenon gas to further reduce heat transfer. These gasses are Noble gasses that are clear, odorless, relatively chemically inert and have about half the heat conductivity of the more commonly-used Argon gas.

The large, rooftop pergola, or canopy acts to shade the building by enveloping as much roof area as allowed by Miami21. This makes a more living structure, isolating the canopy also reduces the water-carrying capacity of the air inside the living space; reducing loads imposed on air-conditioning. Most of the units inside “Grove Seven” consist of 4-bedrooms, 4-baths, a great room and a large master suite that faces a wide, open-air loggia at levels 2 and 3.

Contain a 4-bedroom and 3-bedroom, as well as the first level of the Center Unit. The Center unit faces Oak No.18 directly. With a large, vertical terrace and wooden pergola creating a partial shade between the terrace, the Center unit is open on 2 levels, allowing it’s inhabitants to climb the stair alongside the tree canopy.

With a large, vertical terrace to the north, and wide terraces on the remaining three sides, this level has two 4-bedroom units on opposite sides, and the 2nd level of the Center Unit between. Developing as much cross-ventilation as allowed by Miami21, you can see in this level how the elevator connects the north and South sides of the building.

First the existing duplex in Coconut Grove will be removed. Then all asphalt and concrete parking surfaces will be carefully stripped from under the existing trees, exposing all the previously-obstructed root system(s). The roots will be inspected by our Certified Arborist, then a remediation will begin. Over the next 10 years, weekly, monthly and annual inspections will occur to ensure the trees are protected.

Two (2) Specimen Trees— Tree No.1 located at the front of the property, and Tree No.18 in the neighboring north property, provide substantial environmental benefits to the urban forest of Coconut Grove and is an asset to the property. Both trees are Live Oaks (Quercus virginiana). With proper care before, during, and after construction, it is likely that these trees will not only survive, but thrive as well. Recommendations by three (3) aborists were provided to help ensure the health of these trees during the construction process and for many years to come. Like all large trees, these trees should be monitored on a periodic basis for health
and structural integrity.


75.9 Metric Tons of CO2 equivalent

is the Average Annual Household Carbon Footprint for homes in West Miami-Dade County according to the UC Berkeley CoolClimate Network, Average Annual Household Carbon Footprint (2013). Residents in Grove Seven will average about 28 Metric Tons, Sixty-three percent (63%) less than that average.


A Walk Score® of 84

Grove Seven residents will enjoy one of the highest Walk Scores in the city of Miami, with a Bikeable score of 73!

On-site Storage Space

There is enough room on-site in our units and common areas for storage. Residents will not need to purchase additional off-site storage facilities.


Comfort in the Levels

Our stacked gardens keep units cool. per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nulla nunc dui, tristique in semper vel.

1,600 sq.ft.-2,350 sq.ft Townhomes

The largest townhomes in Grove Seven feature 4-Bedrooms, 3-baths and still plenty of space for a living room, full-sized kitchen with walk-in pantries, powder baths, storage and a large terrace.


7 Picturesque Living Rooms

Grove Seven units offer a range and diversity of occupants within the same building, with everyone having access to the roof-top reading room and private living rooms overlooking the canopies.



Behind Miami’s success and glowing international popularity, South Florida developed a unique enclave for modernist architecture of the international style.
The style was so unique it was later coined (MiMo), an acronym of “Miami Modernism”.



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