29 Tahiti Beach Island Rd, Coral Gables

29 Tahiti Beach Island Rd, Coral Gables

29 Tahiti Beach Island Rd, Coral Gables.


This the partial demolition, renovation and addition to an original home designed by the great Coral Gables Architect Ramon Pacheco in 1994. The Coral Gables home is strongly themed in the Mediterranean style, typical of Ramon’s work of the period, however presents a more “classic” aesthetic. Ramon described the original owner as an antique collector and this might have contributed to the addition of heavy, decorative pre-cast elements on the exterior. This cladding was in poor condition. There were multiple massings extending around a central courtyard unilaterally. The Coral Gables home is 2-levels with a crawlspace. The existing hip roof is in good condition, however is constructed of S-tiles, not in conformance to Coral Gables’ Mediterranean design standards. Each hip is irregular, and built  in an unsymmetrical cascading fashion.  The home is located in a Flood Zone. The home occupies a 41,320 square foot lot with an existing pool and English-themed garden.

The renovation is divided into (2) phases. The first, is strictly interior; partial demolition, M.E.P. and life safety improvements. The second phase, attached, is to improve the exterior fenestrations using improved glass, (low-E, Large and Small Impact-rated). The new fenestrations will bring-in more natural light while also reducing the energy consumption.  The new fenestrations are also intended to improve the aesthetic, by removing the faux cladding and modernize the design according to the new property owner’s taste.  We also plan to standardize the window type and brand. The existing Coral Gables home uses are variety of window types, including stain glass not allowed by code.

Based on previous Coral Gables Board of Architects comments during preliminary, the scope of alterations has increased extensively. The massing will be largely changed.  Several of the exterior alcoves will be enclosed, as well as the interior atrium. The chimneys will be removed, the tower at the rear will be removed. More than one third of the hip roof will be altered and  the entire roof replaced . We plan to remove the S-tile and replace it with flat, stone tiles. Elevations are enclosed distinguishing the existing and the proposed work.

The proposed modifications react to the former design in circulation and programmatic intention. The spatial organization of the new reflects a plan that registers with existing structural walls and creates a more seamless flow of space, reducing former complexities that interfered with the aesthetic and circulation; hence creating the plan more “modern”.  The proposed attempts to incorporate comments from both the HOA, and Coral Gables Board of Architects, unite indoor and outdoor spaces with its new balcony and extension rear terrace to invite light while keeping out heat.

The shift to a more modern approach in the aesthetics is also implemented with the addition of a new fenestration system to add appeal, sensibility of the new exterior originally designed by Deena Bell, and an updated sense of overall design and reason. The former archways have been removed as a series of new windows and cantilevered balconies dot the surface of the new elevations. Overall, the proposed intends to bring more outdoor space, with the addition of exterior terraces and balconies on the second level, and more common  space to bridge the outdoor and indoor. As part of this extending into the exterior, a new, cantilevered porte-cochere clad in matching material, propositioned at the same scale as the rear terrace is proposed at the front, and an open-air cabana at the rear. Previous comments of the Coral Gables Board of Architects were opposed to the initial design of a porte-cochere having a hip roof configuration. The size of the re-designed porte-cochere was also slightly reduced in response to the Coral Gables Board of Architects.

The Tahiti Beach neighborhood of Coral Gables is not known for a specific neighborhood character or aesthetic style. It is known for its respect of privacy and of individuality of its residents. The HOA is opposed to regular photography of the surrounding homes, therefore context photos are omitted from this application.

The interior portion of improvements include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. We are increasing the flexibility of the master bedroom for the new family.

I hereby certify that our design for the renovation is original, not duplicated from an existing building. I certify it was prepared by my office. Should you or the board have any questions  or need any additional information, please (305) 770-6100.



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