“The few architects of today who design and build fine architecture, achieve these accomplishments through experience, dedication and sacrifice to the project, the client and the environment…”



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Opening a Miami Firm for Architecture, William designs Highly-Efficient Buildings from a perspective that is Culturally and Historically-Minded, an approach that earned him the AIA Henry Adams Medal in 2011.



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Firm History

As a practitioner, William has produced designs in both commercial and residential projects throughout Florida for more than 10 years, often in collaboration with his family’s practice in architecture. In 2011, William graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida and earned the AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal.

William seeks to design from a perspective that is both Culturally and Historically-Minded. His work has been published in local magazines and sensitivity to existing construction recognized by the AIA. Since 2009, William began to collect and catalog his grandfather’s early works in South Florida and the Caribbean; familiarizing himself with his heritage of mid-century architecture and learning about his grandfather’s association with Igor B. Polevitzky- a prominent MiMo architect.

Finding merit not only the constructions that he studied, but also their impact on the people who utilize them, William developed a sense of obligation to South Florida and the unique architecture that formed it. He subsequently resumed work in Miami after graduation, seeking to expound on his grandfather’s legacy and devotion.


During his studies, William gained tremendous interest in the mechanical workings of South Florida’s building environment. Since 2008, he frequently travels to Havana, Cuba to study architecture, using a special license granted upon him by the U.S. Treasury Department to examine how buildings there function without the use of air-conditioning. William continues to build upon the practices and techniques learned from this rare opportunity to utilize the local environment as an asset rather than a challenge.

Annually, William is invited return to Cuba to participate in an urban design charrette for the city of Havana hosted by local architects and city staff. Three academic projects designed by William have received State AIA awards, and in 2010, he received a teaching award from the University of Florida citing his extraordinary contribution to the school’s teaching mission.

William holds certificates in Historic Preservation and Latin American Studies as part of his Master of Architecture studies, as well as an undergraduate minor in Urban & Regional Planning as part of his Bachelor of Design. William is licensed and insured in the STATE of FLORIDA to practice Architecture No. AR97508.


wha design miami


wha design

Family Background

William Hamilton Arthur Architect, Inc. is a 3rd-generation firm to South Florida, whose family history in the business dates more than 65 years.

Its principles originate through William’s grandfather, William H. Arthur III, who was an apprentice of Igor B. Polevitzky, a prominent Mid-Century Miami Modern (MiMo) architect since 1950. After the dissolution of Polevitzky, Johnson & Associates and at the height of an economic slow-down in 1962, William’s grandfather took-on the bulk of the firm’s continuing work.

First commissions for William’s grandfather included Phase I of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and Nuclear Fallout research for the Kennedy Administration. Arthur, who’s formal education came from the University of Illinois, held a adjunct professor position at the University of Miami School of Architecture while simultaneously producing designs for restaurants, offices, retail buildings & even U.S. power plant sites; adding an important, yet unpublicized component to his firm’s workload during the 1960s & 70s.

As Miami expanded throughout the 1980s & 90s, William’s grandfather diversified his firm’s commissions, designing and constructing more than 2,500 public, private, commercial and industrial projects worldwide for his Miami clients including Eastern Airlines, Turnberry-Schiff Properties, Courtelis Company, Publix, Saglo, Equity One, Allstate and Merrill Lynch


William’s grandfather served as consultant Architect to the The Falls Shopping Center, Orlando Jetport, the former Naval Training Center McCoy Annex and many other sites that remain important to this day. Certainly one of the most prolific firms in Miami, William’s grandfather forged a strong foundation for the current beliefs continued by wha design, a firm held by his son Bruce Arthur and William Hamilton Arthur Architect, Inc. the firm held by his grandson, William H. Arthur IV.

Continuing his beliefs, William expounds on his grandfather’s mid-century traditions of passive energy design, open-air environments and the type of atmospheric transparency that characterizes the finest architecture of the region.

William’s work represents an important cultural significance, as he’s been working to contribute to the impression of a seamless continuity between architects across the Florida Straits. Since 2008, William has been using a special license granted upon him by the U.S. Treasury Department to work in Havana, Cuba, examining how buildings there function without the use of air-conditioning, bringing those traditions back to the United States.

 William does this with the same spirit and dedication to the city as his grandfather did fifty years ago, following the belief that— “The few architects of today who design and build fine architecture, achieve these accomplishments through experience, dedication and sacrifice to the project, the client and the environment…”

wha design

wha design

wha design

wha design

Guy Peterson, FAIA
Ivan Smith Eminent Professor, University of Florida
Principal at
Office For Architecture
“I had the privilege of working with William Arthur as his professor at the University of Florida. William was in one of my graduate design studios and in my graduate seminar on regional Florida modern architecture. William was one of those students who I suspect I learned as much from him as he did from me. William is a critical thinker, talented architect and perhaps most important, a young designer with a contagious personality and passion for the profession. In a short period of time, William has become an emerging leader for our profession and I am proud to call him a colleague.

John T. O’Connor
Editor-in-Chief  Tropic Magazine

“William H Arthur IV pretty much has design in his blood.”

Allan T. Shulman FAIA, LEED AP
2013 AIA Miami President. Associate Professor, University of Miami School of Architecture & Principal at Shulman + Associates

“William Arthur IV and I have been acquaintances and colleagues for at least 6 years. I got to know William through conferences and lectures that we both attended; he and I share an interest in architecture of the postwar period. A native Miamian, he’s extraordinarily engaged in his family’s practice and in addressing issues salient to our community’s growth. As a practitioner William possesses a rare thoughtfulness that belies his age. Through his civic efforts and his professional work he embodies the qualities of the AIA and serves the organization well. William shows great promise as an Associate AIA Member and in the larger architectural community. I strongly support his nomination for Florida Associate Member of the Year.”

Julio Cesar Pérez Hernández, Architect & Urban Planner
2013 Wilbur Marvin Visiting Scholar & 2002 Loeb Fellow
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
“William had an outstanding participation in the 2011 & 2012 Havana International Charrettes on Urban Planning & Urban Design. He worked & interacted with other international peers producing interesting solutions for the sector of the waterfront that was the subject of these Charrettes. William is particularly sensitive to the different traditions of Cuba & the Caribbean and also of Miami’s & his design for the Baumgarten Residence in Shorecrest is a fine example of good architecture adapted to its site that works perfect within its climatic conditions. Several features of the building show the architect’s intention in this regard like the presence of the courtyard space & the ample awnings that shelter the facades and balconies.

The house is a relevant example of contemporary architecture that takes into account climatic factors & fits well into its site alluding to the presence of the past & aiming to the future as lifting the house on stilts relate the house with both tradition & avant-garde providing a thoughtful synthesis between both. The extra space created at ground floor is a subtle interpretation of an extended porch, a feature found in the best examples of Cuban Modern architecture & also in Miami Modern architecture.”

Roy Eugene Graham, FAIA
Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished Professor
University of Florida
, School of Historic Preservation
“…he has been an active and resourceful participant in seminars, practica and research projects. He has shown exemplary leadership qualities, organizational skills and expresses himself in a professional manner through class presentations, research and documentation. “

wha design

wha design

wha design



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 Opening a Miami Firm for Architecture, William designs Highly-Efficient Buildings from a perspective that is Culturally and Historically-Minded, an approach that earned him the AIA Henry Adams Medal in 2011.


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